Who we are

In between workoffices and hospitality, we have a strong ambition: to bring humans together in a world that tends to push them apart.

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Comet during

Our intention

"Yes, our work environment has changed.
Nowadays most people can work from home or even from the otherside of the world.

But somethings didn't really change.
Running a company will always be an adventure. Hopefully one in which everyone can find themselves and a place where people want to come together.

‍So if we see each other less, let's see each other better.
So that visio calls don't screen out personal contact, that technology doesn't encroach on strategic issues and that your well-being will impact your ideas. We welcome you to offer you an enhanced collaborative work experience.

Our locations are designed to encourage creativity, personal exchange and gain more success .
We're here to ensure that every collective moment is the beginning of a breakthrough.

And to cultivate the pleasure of being together."

Our Timeline


✨ Comet founded by Victor Carreau, Maxime Albertus and Nicholas Findling
👍🏻 Fundraising of 1.2 million euros


🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Meetings @Place des Victoires (75002)
👍🏻 Fundraising of 8 million euros


🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Meetings @Coeur Défense (La Défense)
📚 Publication of the Cométhode
🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Meetings Étoile (75016)


👍🏻 30 million euros raised
🇫🇷 Open Comet Meetings @Bourse (75002)



➕ Launch of Comet Hospitality
🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Hospitality @Axa Society (75009)
🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Meetings @Bercy (75012)
🇪🇸 Opening of Comet Meetings @Retiro (Madrid)
➕ Launchof Comet Workplaces @Bercy (75012)


🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Hospitality @Landscape (La Défense)
🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Hospitality @Alto (La Défense)
🇫🇷 Opening of Comet Meetings @Arboretum (Nanterre)

Our locations,
your memories

Designed to be out of the ordinary, each Comet location has its own identity. They are designed to make a lasting impression. They are designed to make your corporate events unforgettable. They are designed to provide a showcase for your employees' energy.
For Comet, these men and women will always be at the heart of the corporate world. The Comet experience is designed to stimulate their creativity and bring out the finest ideas, great professional moments and shared memories.
All our locations

3 of our core beliefs

Meeting is the new office

Because more and more of us are able to carry out our major production tasks from home, we believe that the vocation of the office is now to focus on moments of collaboration and socialization.

Long live hybrid meetings!

Encouraging quality face-to-face time not only nurtures creativity, but also fights against the isolation and loss of corporate culture fostered by the all-distance approach.

Offices created for flex workers

To ensure that there are not too many people in the office at the same time, most office buildings now have to be flexible and include multiple meeting rooms at the company's request to accommodate meetings to stay in touch with remote individuals.

The Comet team is committed!

Every day, we work to bring people together in a world that is driving them apart. Although closely connected to the corporate world, our approach also extends to associations via our Comet Teamworld pro bono project.
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