Comet Workplaces

Your office as a hotel‍

Design, assistance and flexibility : Comet Workplaces that's the hotel standard applied to your offices.
Comet Workplaces is a base of well-equipped offices enriched with our "Comet Touch": a composite of hotel services that provide an enhanced office experience.

Comet Workplaces
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Treat yourself at last to offices that combine design and comfort.

Aligned with hotel standards, Comet Workplaces offices set themselves apart by offering you a personalized experience and stylish spaces.
Benefit from convenient, fully-operated offices.

Maintenance, reception, etc. Comet provides all the necessary "extras" to enable your employees to concentrate exclusively on their tasks.
Benefit from modular offices, adapted to everyday, one-off and exceptional needs.

In addition to your everyday offices, Comet can meet all your extra-ordinary event needs.

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Comet Workplaces

Stylish spaces

More space per employee than the market average!
, solid parquet ... the furniture and materials are noble, of European origin.
Communal areas abound with snack bars, meeting rooms, phone booths, central plaza, bars and more.
Comet's teams provide customized support, just for you!

Everyday services

Comet assistance inspired by hotel standards: snacking, reception, welcome, etc.
Comet Workplaces de Bercy: catering, sports, well-being, mobility, etc.
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Serenity + flexibility

Access to Comet Meetings :
For your
larger events: 5 hours of meeting time per employee per month at the heart of our 8 European venues.
Access to our additional services:
Studio, customized event support, content consulting, etc.

Comet Workplaces #1 Paris Bercy

Located in the largest office building in Paris - Le Lumière in Bercy, 12th arrondissement - our first Comet Workplaces site is designed to meet companies' needs for luxury, design and flexibility. Upmarket and complete, the spaces cover 2,600 m², including 900 m² of common areas. They include 13 privatizable worksuites and 9 meeting rooms with free, unlimited access.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Comet Workplaces ?

Comet WorkplacesThe "Comet touch": a portfolio of hotel services offering an enhanced experience, and tailor-made management of your exceptional needs.

Comet Workplaces The Comet range meets a wide variety of needs:
1/ High-standard, with offices combining design and comfort
2/Assistance, with practical, fully-operated offices. Comet Workplaces provides all the "extras" needed to enable employees to concentrate exclusively on their tasks.
3/ Flexibility with modular offices, adapted to daily, one-off and exceptional needs.

Comet Workplaces enables companies to meet all their event-related needs, without having to multiply the number of service providers or mobilize their resources to manage these exceptional requests.

How long do I have to commit to Comet Workplaces ?

Comet Workplaces is an offer of flexible, contract-operated office space that provides great flexibility in terms of commitment. From a minimum of 3 months to 36 months (or even longer), we'll tailor the duration of the contract to your needs and possibilities.

What type of company is Comet Workplaces aimed at?

Comet Workplaces is aimed at all companies, whatever their size, that already have or want to adopt advanced telecommuting practices, whether at head office level (start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs) or for part of their workforce (ETI, EGI). Offering the option of making a more or less long-term commitment, the solution addresses both permanent needs (head office, satellite office) and temporary, transitory needs (transitional offices, project platforms) or evolving needs (in a context of rapid growth, for example).