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Comet Workplaces
Flexible offices for hybrid companies

The first office solution designed for companies where employees often work from home.

Meeting is the new office !

Offices no longer have a monopoly on production. They must now be conceived primarily as living spaces for collaboration and socialization!

The benefits

Your turnkey HQ

100% private offices
Equipped, fitted out and personalized
From 10 to 400 employees
Create an HQ perfectly sized to your needs.

Modularity and flexibility

Shared workstations
Offices on demand
Collaborative spaces
Frictionless management of fluctuations and peaks in traffic

Collaboration & socialization

Comet installations and expertise on site
Methodological support
Privileged access to the Comet network
Stimulate your collaboration and develop your company culture

Discover Comet Bercy, our first Workplaces venue

Comet Workplaces offers a unique alternative for hybrid companies wishing to develop the collective performance of their teams and provide a quality of life at work that meets the best standards on the market !
Here we go

Our packages

Your offices

From 730€ HT / month / position
100% private worksuites
from 10 to 400 employees
furnished, equipped, services included
Unlimited free access
shared workstations, common areas and meeting rooms
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Customization Pack

Optional, from 8€ HT / month / station
Furnishing and decoration
of your worksuite
Architect and dedicated designer
for professional support
Offices that reflect your image
to develop your corporate culture
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Hybridization Pack

Optional, from 35€ HT / month / employee
Flexibility in the organization
privatization of additional work spaces (up to 30 hours / month)
Culture and belonging
Corporate events included (up to 2 per year)
Collaborative Performance
methodological support for collaborative uses by our experts
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Frequently asked questions
How long is the commitment to Workplaces?

Workplaces is a flexible office offer operated under a service contract that offers great flexibility in the commitment. From a minimum of 3 months to 36 months (or more), we will adapt the duration of the contract to your needs and possibilities.

What types of companies are Workplaces designed for?

Comet Workplaces addresses all the companies, whatever their size, which already have or want to adopt an advanced practice of telework, whether it is at the scale of a head office (start-up, scale-up, SME) or of a part of the workforce (ETI, EGI). Offering the possibility to commit or not to commit to a more or less long term solution, the solution addresses both permanent needs (head office, satellite office) and temporary and transitory needs (transitional offices, project platform) or evolving needs (context of rapid growth for example).

What differentiates Comet Workplaces from existing offers?

An n-th offer of flexible and operated offices? More or less premium, more or less serviced, more or less personalized? 

Comet Workplaces meets all the key success factors of the managed offices market:

  • flexibility: in the commitment but also in the modularity of the offers, the evolutivity in time;
  • simplicity: turnkey offices through 360° support, from design to service management;
  • exclusivity: private and personalized offices allowing to have your own HQ;
  • accessibility: an optimized economic equation vs. a traditional lease ;

But Comet Workplaces is above all the first global solution focused on the organizational challenges of hybrid companies and the management of risks inherent to this new way of working: a) discomfort due to variations and peaks in the number of people in the office; b) the decline of collaborative uses; and c) the disintegration of the feeling of belonging and the link between employees.

With its experience in #futureofwork through the development of collaborative uses, to respond in a comprehensive way to the needs of hybrid companies or in phase of hybridization, Comet has designed an arsenal of solutions :

  • materials: in addition to private offices, numerous shared and/or privatizable spaces to (1) manage variations and peaks in traffic and (2) allow all the uses expected in the "offices of tomorrow": collaboration, socialization, quality of life, etc;
  • software: an in-house application that allows you to manage all services in a few clicks;
  • Organizational: unprecedented methodological support for the development and optimization of collaborative uses.
What is Comet Workplaces?

Comet Workplaces is the first flexible and operated office offering focused on managing the frictions of hybrid work styles, effective collaboration moments and developing company culture.

Comet Workplaces offers companies of all sizes that have an advanced practice of teleworking an arsenal of solutions to manage the main risks of hybridization: a) discomfort due to variations and peaks in office traffic; b) the decline of collaborative uses; and c) the disintegration of the sense of belonging and bonding between employees.

More concretely, it markets private, operated and personalized offices (Worksuites) within a design and inspiring environment - designed and sized to promote all the uses of individual production, but also and especially collaboration and socialization.