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Hybridization of work leads to a stronger need to work better together. Whether you're a fully remote organization or a CAC 40 group with a work-from-home culture, we have a business solution for you.

Subscribe to the Comet experience

Are you a fully remote organization, or simply lacking collaborative space in your office? Subscribe to the Comet experience to regularly use the spaces to meet, work, and maintain your team cohesion.
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Rent office spaces from Comet (Paris)

Are you a company looking for office space, but with a strong telecommuting culture? Discover the hybrid work experience with Comet's first coworking solution, specially designed for collaboration and socialization.
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Transform your headquarters with Comet

Do you have a headquarters that you want to make more collaborative? Rely on Comet's expertise to support you in the transformation of your office building, up to and including the operation of on-site services.
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