Opening in November 2023
Comet Louise
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Comet Louise

Comet Louise

Comet Louise
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Discover Comet Meetings Louise - The Great Escape, your new co-meeting venue in the heart of Brussels! The Comet experience is the combination of a unique environment and a high level of service, intended to unleash the collective intelligence of the participants and ensure the well-being of all. Comet Meetings teamed up with renowned Belgian architect Lionel Jadot to design this venue as an invitation to escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in a destination off the beaten track... Boarding immediately for a creative and productive team day !

Fitting out

Capacity from 2 to 500 people
29 rooms
Certified ERP (establishment open to the public)
Checkroom & locker


Capacity from 2 to 500 people
29 rooms
Checkroom & locker
100% accessible
Certified ERP (establishment open to the public)


Video projector or 4K TV
Stationery (pencils, notebooks)
Wifi via fiber
Our team at your disposal
Visio 100% compatible
Catering on site
Air-conditioned rooms
Daylight guaranteed


24/7 access
Reception, mail & hospitality management
Internet fiber pro (wifi & wired)
Cleaning and maintenance (premises & equipment)


Lignes 2, 6
ZenPark Parking
Rue Dejoncker 36 1060 Bruxelles
Q-Park Parking
Rue Capitaine Crespel 27, 1050 Bruxelles
Inter-Parking Stéphanie
Avenue Louise 83, 1060 Bruxelles
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Line N11


As Comet Bourse mainly hosts large events, the rates are tailor-made and depend on the number of people.
Classic half day
from 65€/person
Gourmet half-day
from 80€/person
Study day
from 105€/person
Afterwork & party
customized rates
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All inclusive package
Breakfast, lunch, snacking, technical expert, wellness sessions...
For an all-inclusive price
No surprises at the end of your event, count on us!
Possibility of tailor-made solutions
Large group or atypical request, ask our specialists to accompany you
Customized proposal
Our specialists will accompany you and send you an estimate adapted to your event

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