Your team often works from  distance?

With Comet Studio (our turnkey technical solution), you can win an Oscar for best virtual/hybrid event.

Comet Studio
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Ongoing support

Our team is at your side before, during and after your event. We're with you every step of the way, from the creation of the specifications to the logistical preparations, including the staging and a rehearsal before the big day. After the big moment, we'll provide you with replays and figures to analyze the performance of your event. And of course, we're always on hand for post-production!

Tool that is customizable

Installation, WiFi connection, configuration of functionalities: everything is included and set up with you to facilitate exchanges with your remote participants, and get your event off to a flying start. And don't forget: our virtual reception hall can accommodate up to 1 million participants - that's a lot of people!

Production Expert 

Production is a business in its own right. Our experts provide capture and broadcast solutions in full HD 30/60 FPS with turnkey production. Customize the set to your taste and needs at our Comet locations. You can also choose between a simple studio recording or a live broadcast with replay.
Virtual spaces
Professional video control
Made-to-measure scenography
Report and performance analyses
Upstream and downstream support
A team of dedicated experts

Frequently asked questions

What video and audio quality is guaranteed for our event?

We use high-quality equipment and software to guarantee excellent video and audio quality, going live up to 1080p and 4k when recording (you could almost broadcast the film in the cinema 🍿).

What is the maximum number of online participants your solution can handle?

Our solution can handle a large number of online participants, depending on the platform used.

How does your solution integrate with our preferred videoconferencing platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.)?

Our solution integrates easily with the main videoconferencing platforms, even in multistream! (Youtube is our envy! 😉 )

How can we customize our hybrid event with your solution (branding, user interface, etc.)?

We offer several options for customizing the hybrid event to suit your brand image, thanks to our "Airmeet" hybrid platform.

What technical and human resources do you have in place to ensure that the event runs smoothly? Do you provide technical assistance in the event of a problem?

Ahead of the event, you'll have the chance to schedule a filming session with our (super) team! On the big day, you'll be accompanied by a technical team comprising a sound engineer and a video director, who will ensure that everything runs smoothly. As an added bonus, the technical assistance offered during the event guarantees the coordination of your speakers both face-to-face and remotely. 🌍

Is it possible to record our hybrid event and make it accessible to participants?

You can record the event and share it later in FULL HD.

How do you facilitate interaction and engagement between present and remote participants?

We offer the "Slido" interactive tool (similar to Klaxoon) to facilitate the engagement of present and remote participants with surveys and questionnaires.